PMBOK 5th Edition – What’s new?

Highlights of the changes in the PMBOK 5th Edition:

1. There are now ten Knowledge Areas, as opposed to the nine available before. Project Stakeholder Management, and was added to increase awareness of the need to identify and engage stakeholders.

2. Planning Process group has been updated significantly.

4. There are now 47 processes, whereas before there was 42.

5. Changes to the process groups and their new titles are:

4th Edition

5th Edition


Identify Stakeholders (was in Project Communications Management Knowledge Area) Identify Stakeholders (now found in new Project Stakeholder Management Knowledge Area)


Plan Scope Management
Plan Schedule Management
Plan Cost Management
Plan Quality Plan Quality Management
Develop Human Resource Plan Plan Human Resource Management
Plan Communications Plan Communications Management
Plan Procurements Plan Procurement Management
Plan Stakeholder Management


Direct and Manage Project Work Direct and Manage Project Execution
Combination of Distribute Information and Manage Stakeholder Expectations Manage Communications
Manage Stakeholder Engagement

Monitoring and Controlling

Verify Scope Validate Scope
Perform Quality Control Control Quality
Report Performance Control Communications
Monitor and Control Risks Control Risks
Administer Procurements Control Procurements
Control Stakeholder Engagement

Here is another good overview of the new changes and how the PMBOK 5th edition aligns with ISO 21500 Link

CAI also has a good webinar about the new changes here is a Link to the webinar